“If anyone knows how to make history, it’s BTS”- Justin Bieber, A True Dynamite Fan!


“If anyone knows how to make history, it’s BTS”- Justin Bieber, A True Dynamite Fan! After the success of BTS no.1 hit ‘DYNAMITE,’ Justin Bieber has become a real fan of this Boy Band, as he knows everything about how important and challenging it is to get your songs played on the radio. The singer also explained that DYNAMITE is getting a lot of air time on US radio stations, unlike the group’s Korean songs like ON or BOY WITH LUV, though he gets the success of BTS.

These days the BoyBand’s new English song DYNAMITE is hitting all over the world. In a voice-over interview, Bieber breaks about the success of these known K-Pop superstars,” The Korean Pop superstars are now breaking down records in the music industry at the global level, and if anyone knows how to make history, it is BTS.” Bieber started his conversation about the group by saying that this song is their first-ever English language effort. It was a pleasantly surprising gesture by the 26-year-old famous singer who is expecting a baby with his wife, Hailey.

The first English song of this popular Korean singer group has also made YouTube history by setting up a record of the most viewed and the most commented video in a single day. That has made them the first superstar singer group of south Korea to achieve the feat.

DYNAMITE has also topped on the Billboard Hot 100, the BTS army and their fans have got a good reason to celebrate. On the other hand, haters will say that their success is less valid. As a result, billboard reported that DYNAMITE is continuously holding their spot with 17.5 million streaming and around 182,000 downloads sold on Tuesday. It also witnessed 16 million radio plays in the week ending on Sunday.



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