High Demand of Maxi Shoulder Pads


The comeback of oversized epaulettes resonates as a fashion tribute to the 80s. On structured blazers, evening dresses and even basic t-shirts, the shoulders reach the peak. Here are all the keys to wearing the XXL shoulder pad trend.

Fashion is an eternal restart. Latest proof, the triumphant return of XXL shoulders, which marked the decade of the 80s. Today, we find the trend more extravagant than ever, with pointed shoulders, square or dressed in feathers and rhinestones.

XXL shoulder pads: extravagance in the age of minimalism

If the sleek style has reigned over fashion trends for several seasons now, some striking details such as XXL shoulders are not left out. And for good reason, the play of volumes reinforces the fashion potential of our looks, even the most basic.

The essentials of our wardrobe, from the loose sweater, to the cotton t-shirt and the little black dress, follow the trend and reveal new voluminous shoulders. As a result, the looks display structured lines and a boyish side that we love. The more daring will choose to follow the 80s inspiration to the letter, with pop color schemes or additions of metallic finishes on fitted blazers and futuristic-looking dresses.

Looks to wear with shoulder pads

Any extravagant trend requires the right mix. To carry the trend well, we focus on revisited fashion basics such as the now essential sleeveless top with padded shoulders signed The Frankie Shop and taken up by a variety of fashion brands. We dare to go even further in the trend with masculine blazers with accentuated shoulders. We wrap his waist with an XXL belt and break the too strict side of the look with a pair of white sneakers on the feet. We can also mix two strong trends like rhinestones and futuristic shoulder pads for an explosive evening look.



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