All You Need To Know Going Into Trade On Oct. 12
October 12, 2018
TDSAT rejects DoT’s plea for bank guarantees from RCom
TDSAT rejects DoT’s plea for bank guarantees from RCom
October 12, 2018
Jet Airways delays salary payment again
Jet Airways delayed the payment of salaries due on Thursday to its senior employees, a problem that has been recurring for the last two months. In September, Jet announced that the airline will pay its
employees salary in two equal instalments — 50% on 11th and the remainder on 27th of every month till November.

In a statement the carrier said it is committed to overcome the exogenous circumstances plaguing the aviation sector due to the continuing rise of Brent fuel prices as well as the depreciating rupee.

“While the company has been diligent in running its payroll as per schedule for all employees, it is only in the last couple of months that the schedule has been impacted due to unavoidable reasons.

Despite these challenges, the company has ensured that 85% of its employees are paid salaries on time while those of the leadership, pilots and engineers have been delayed,” the company said.

“However, Jet Airways remains committed to honour its obligations. Jet Airways with its 25 years of aviation experience has overcome many hurdles in the past and it is positive that with the continued support of its dedicated employees, it will be able to successfully guide itself out of these challenging times,” the airline added.

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